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Price Per Agent Includes: Course, grading, certificate and reporting if state requires.

Online Course Pricing: We charge $50.00 for your hours up to 20.0 and $1.50 for each hour after that.

State Information: There are no license related course subject requirements. The examination will be a closed book exam, monitored by another licensed Indiana agent of your choice.Tuition includes: Text, examination, grading, and forwarding of all necessary documents. These courses have been approved by the Department of Insurance, State of Indiana, for continuing education credit. Carryover of excess hours: Not Allowed.

State Requirements: Self-study and Online exams are required to be monitored by a licensed Indiana Agent.

Credit Requirements: Producers who hold licenses for Life and Health and Property Casualty need a total of 20 credits/hours every 2 years for licensed issued after July 1, 2007. Agents who market, sell, or soliciting any LTC products must complete an 8 hour course specifically approved for LTC. Producers who satisfy the 8 hour requirement must complete 5 hours of LTC insurance courses every two thereafter. If you fall under the 40 credit CE requirement please call 800-639-4056 for further clarification. Property Casualty producers must complete one time three hour course on NFIP, or flood insurance course. Carry over of excess credits are not permitted.

State Fee Information: STATE FILING FEE, $4.00 PER COURSE

State Insurance Department Web Site: Click Here

Life Insurance Concepts
Click Here for Course Description
Course Order Number: 1
Credit Hours: 20.0
State Fees: $ 4.00
Course (Test / Book) Delivery
$ 50.00 Correspondence (Paper)

Ethics and the Patriot Act - 28803
Course Order Number: 2
License Type: Ethics
Credit Hours: 3.0
State Fees: $ 4.00
Course (Test / Book) Delivery
$ 30.00 Correspondence (Paper)

Identity Theft - 34105
Course Order Number: 3
License Type: Life/Accident/Health
Credit Hours: 7.0
State Fees: $ 4.00
Course (Test / Book) Delivery
$ 40.00 Correspondence (Paper)

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