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How many states is Richards Education Service, Inc., approved to provide self-study continuing education insurance courses in?

RES, Inc., is an approved provider in 20 states. Some states mandate course, and provider numbers on state course/information pages. If your state does not allow that information students may call their state to confirm RES, Inc., is an approved provider.

Can I use RES. Inc., for my state’s continuing education requirement?

Yes, check the state you are licensed in to find the number of continuing education credits/hours required. Our courses will assist either, part or full continuing education compliance, depending on which course’s students select for their continuing education requirement. For more information go to your state information page.

How do students complete their self-study course?

Students must take a multiple-choice exam after completing their self-study course. Students need to achieve a passing grade of 70% to receive credit for the continuing education course completed.

After passing the exam who notifies the state?

Several states require RES,Inc., to notify them by roster upon the student’s successful completion of the course. Some states have the student mail certificates of completion to them, and other states have the agent keep the certificates on file. Check your state for its method of reporting earned continuing education credits.

What happens if the student fails his/her continuing education exam?

The student may take the examination as many times as necessary to pass.

Do students have a specific time frame to complete their continuing education course after enrolling?

Students have one year to complete their continuing education course purchased from RES, Inc. If you have questions concerning the time frame for completion of self-study courses, call Customer Service, 1.800.639.4056.

How do I review the course I purchased and how do I take the test?

Students will select a password after completing the registration. Students must use their password and email address when logging in to study or take the final exam.

Will RES completed courses apply to for non-resident licenses?

We mail your certificate of completion for each course passed for your resident license. Certificates for additional states require a $10 filing fee per completed course, plus any additional state fees.

How do I know if the course I selected is approved for my appropriate for my license.

If your not sure you have the correct course for your license, call RES customer service at 800.639.4056 or go online with your states insurance department to confirm this course is specific to your license.

Will my state allow students to repeat my CE courses?

Each state has its rules on repeating courses. Give us a call at 800.639.4056, ask for customer service go to your insurance department web site and check their rules.

What’s the procedure if several agents want to order their CE courses and put the charges on one credit card.

CE courses must ordered under the name of the agent taking the course. For multiple orders on one credit card give us a call at 1.800.639.4056

Explain state filing fees?

Some states charge providers to submit your earned CE credits. These fees are usually a flat fee or a fee per credit hour based on the number CE credits. We add these fees to your course costs.

How does RES report my earned continuing education credits to the state?

Most states allow the earned CE credits to be submitted electronically. Several state still require a paper roster. We usually submit those earned credits to the various state every other Friday.

Does Richards Education Service have a refund policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with any standard (hard copy) self-study course, you may return the course to us within 30 days of the purchase date and you will receive a full refund minus the shipping and handling charges. If you are not satisfied with one of our on-line courses you may call our customer service department at 1-800-639-4056. You will be assessed a 10% service fee and the balance credited to your credit card.

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