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Price Per Agent Includes: Course, grading, certificate and reporting if state requires.

Online Course Pricing: We charge $35.00 for your hours up to 7.0, $70.00 for your hours up to 27.0 and $1.50 for each hour after that.

State Information: An examination is required to obtain a certificate of completion. Tuition includes: Text, examination, grading, and forwarding of all necessary documents. Refund Policy: A full refund will be offered in the event the agent is not satisfied with the course. Carryover of excess hours: Not Allowed. These courses have been approved by the Department of Insurance, State of Ohio, for continuing education credit.

State Requirements: Self-study exams are open book and students may refer to the book or printed study guide.

Credit Requirements: 24 credits every two years. Effective 01/01/2011, Ohio resident agents must take a 3 credit/hours course on Ethics, as part of their 24 credit requirement. P&C producers must take a one-time 3 credit/hours course on NFIP, Flood Insurance. Long Term Care producers must complete an initial 8 credit/hours on a Ohio approved LTC Partnership training course and ongoing training of at least 4 hours every 24 months thereafter.

State Fee Information: $1 per credit hour added to online and included with correspondence courses.

State Insurance Department Web Site: Click Here

Life Insurance Model Illustration Regulation - 53122
Course Order Number: 1
Credit Hours: 4.0
State Fees: $ 4.00
Course (Test / Book) Delivery
$ 34.00 Correspondence (Paper)

Business Insurance - C40491
Click Here for Course Description
Course Order Number: 2
Credit Hours: 20.0
State Fees: $ 20.00
Course (Test / Book) Delivery
$ 70.00 Correspondence (Paper)

Ethics and the Patriot Act - 51536
Course Order Number: 3
Credit Hours: 3.0
State Fees: $ 3.00
Course (Test / Book) Delivery
$ 28.00 Correspondence (Paper)

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